Broken Stone Spiritual Counselling
Broken Stone Spiritual Counselling
Helping people rediscover Meaning, Worth, Light, and Belonging

Path to Galilee







Sessions are offered in our home and in our rustic sweat lodge/church/practice space, integrating talk and practice. We call this place of practice the ‘womb’. Sessions honour the symbiotic relationship between embodied practice and talk therapy as a means of activating the symbiotic relationship between heart, mind, body and spirit. As we explore the depths of our being, spiritual relationship must accompany this journey for sustainable healing and restoration. In other words, encountering and embracing the Healer/Teacher within us not only meets that deep need for real belonging and connection, the relationship becomes our totem or axis as we encounter all of our messiness, and all of our beauty. Practices in the womb can vary depending on how you want to honour the Teacher, the Creator, the Life-Giving Spirit within, but the goal is that we chart a path of practice that you can maintain moving forward.

intentions // offering

  • Awakening to the Teacher within

  • Orientation to the spiritual path

  • Revive and rekindle relationship with the one from Galilee

  • Discover deeper relationships, inner passion, creativity and stillness

  • Begin connecting to your sense of meaning, purpose and self-worth

  • Overcome resistance to life changes

  • Create healthy coping strategies

  • Rediscover your true gifts

  • Develop boundaries in your relationships

  • Help and healing with grief and loss

  • Addictions support

  • Prayer Healing

  • Skype sessions available

There are beautiful
within us
— St. Francis of Assisi


My Story


Emerging from the ‘womb’

My name is Michael Politano-Bowles. I have a BA in Religious Studies and Psychology, and a Masters of Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology. I am a Spiritual Health Practitioner (Chaplain). I have worked in Critical Care, Medicine, Addictions, Mental/Urban Health, and Hospice. I received my certification as a Specialist in the field of Spiritual Health in April, 2018 through the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care ( On a less formal note, I am passionate about Christian Mysticism, or esoteric interpretations of Christianity. I love to garden, play banjo, explore the natural world, and go on road trips. Also, I am learning how to skateboard, which has been a very humbling experience! I also have a passion for working with people. In particular, I love seeing others (or myself for that matter) come to know themselves better, face their fears, sit with painful emotions, embrace the Spirit, encounter themselves in new ways, and begin to live differently, courageously. There may be no greater beauty than seeing real change in fellow humans.

My changes began when I was 19 and attending university in Guelph, Ontario. I was deeply lonely, depressed and had this tendency towards isolating myself even at social engagements. I remember one night I was sitting on the floor in my room in utter despair, when suddenly I felt a radiant and loving presence of pure light flow through me. I couldn't understand how in the moment of such darkness I could experience such an incredible moment of love. Within a few weeks I quit school and began my journey exploring myself and the world around me, inspired by this new found connection with the Teacher. Though real, active relationship with the Teacher wouldn’t develop until much later, those first steps led me to hitchhike throughout North America for years exploring myself and my 'backyard'; to live at Dorje Denma Ling, a Shambhala Buddhist retreat centre in Nova Scotia; to walk the Camino de Santiago several times in both Spain and Portugal; to re-attend university with a passion for study; and those first steps motivated me to use my experience and education to help others revive real, active relationship with that inner fire, the Teacher, the Liberator, the Holy Spirit given freely by the one from Galilee. I currently live and explore in the Comox Valley, BC.  

My wife, Analisa, a Mental Health Nurse who practices her spirituality alongside me, is available to provide additional support. She follows a path of inner wisdom drawn from the ancient grandmothers. Her gifts are many. Among them, her ability to create safe and nurturing space, as well as providing insight and wisdom both from her inner practice and from her clinical Mental Health background.





If you have any questions or would like to know more about spiritual counselling, or our offering, please send me a message and tell me a little bit about yourself: